Walking Groups on Kos love the scenery and f1nding the unexpected!

Walking groups on Kos will have no difficulty at all in finding routes to fill a week or two.

There is so much to see and explore on the island. You will find a good selection of suggestions here.

Both novice and experienced walkers will find routes to cater for their levels and abilities. The best walks are those that most people don’t do or know about.

Kefalos peninsular is full of places of interest. In particular, White Rock Mountain is a place that few people find. The skeleton of a neolithic man was found in a cave on this mountain and it is a great place for telling mythis and making up stories!

St John’s Monastery is definitely worth the walk (although you can drive there if the route is too long for some). The feast of St John is celebrated at the end of August and the whole village come here for an evening of music, feasting and dancing. It is a true traditional event and tourists are made very welcome.

The door into St John's Monastery Kefalos Kos

St John’s Monastery

St John's Monastery feasting area Kefalos
St John's Monastery on Kos
St John's Monastery eating area Kefalos
St John's Monastery dancing area and bell tower

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Many walking groups on Kos like to tackle a mountain. The highest mountain on Kos is Mount Dikeos at 846 metres. It creates a dramatic background to the colourful mountain village of Zia. For those walking groups that dare, we suggest you climb it on a full moon night.

You can take refuge in a hut or rest in the tiny Church of Christ, both on the top of the mountain. But make sure you wake before dawn as the view is at its most spectacular as the sun rises and the string of Dodecanese islands become visible. It’s a very moving experience. By the time you descend, the early opening cafe’s in the village will be glad to welcome you for a strong coffee and some breakfast.

But if climbing, instead of sleeping, at night is not your thing on holiday, do try and make the ascent at some point during your stay. You won’t regret it!

Palio Pyli is a camouflaged, abandoned village in the mountains with quite a history.  It is quite a climb, but worth the effort. For more gentle walks, explore Zia, Asfendiou and Lagoudi, beautiful, colourful mountain villages.

The church of Christos on top of Mount Dikeos
The Church of Christ on the top of Mt Dikeos
The view to Kardamena from Mt Dikeos on Kos
The view of Kardamena from Mt Dikeos
St John's Monastery eating area Kefalos
Rest from your walk to St John’s Monastery

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Walking groups on Kos may also like to take the ferry across to Nissyros. This is the volcanic island that you can see from every window at The Tower House. It’s a 45 minute boat ride across to this wonderful little island.

We suggest you get a bus up to the caldera and explore the volcanic craters. You can go right down onto the floor of the largest crater. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes as it is so hot that flip-flops may well melt! Make sure you take a bottle of water with you as it is very hot and smelly in the crater. Look at the steam coming out of the geysers and the mud bubbling. It’s fascinating!

Then take a stroll among the almond groves and if you have time you will see amazing bubble rock near the old village of Emborio. This is where the hot lava burst into the rock, creating an incredible pattern. Head down to the town of Mandraki for a cold drink and make sure you don’t miss the ferry back. You never know, you may also be treated to a pod of dolphins playing alongside the boat on your return journey!!

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I appreciate that organising a group is not easy, especially if you have different levels of walkers. I am very friendly and will do my utmost to ensure that your group holiday is organised just how you wish it to be.

Although The Tower House is rented on a self-catering basis, catering at any level can be provided. If you would like to bring one or more walking groups on Kos, please contact me and we can work out a plan together. I look forward to welcoming you!