Light, refreshing and inevitable – Xoriatiki!

Whenever I go to Greece, the first dish I usually order is Xoriatiki (Greek Salad).  You just can’t beat the freshness and flavour; the combination of red onion and feta is just sublime.  There are only 6 ingredients for a real Greek Salad, which should be as fresh as possible  – and it doesn’t include lettuce (even Cos lettuce!)

In a large bowl mix together:

Juicy red tomatoes, cut into chunks

Peeled cucumber, cut into chunks

Green pepper, cut into thin slices

Red onion, cut into thin slices

Place a slice, or chunks, of feta cheese on the top and add some Black Olives (Kalamata are best)

Dress with vinegar and olive oil and enjoy with some fresh bread.  Kali Orexi!


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