Horiatiki – Light, refresh1ng and delicious

Horiatiki is the first dish I usually order when I arrive in Greece.

Horiatiki is the Greek name for Greek Salad

 You just can’t beat the freshness and flavour; the combination of red onion and feta is just sublime.  There are only 6 ingredients for a real Greek Salad, which should be as fresh as possible  – and it doesn’t include lettuce (even Cos lettuce!)

In a large bowl mix together:

Juicy red tomatoes, cut into chunks

Peeled cucumber, cut into chunks

Green pepper, cut into thin slices

Red onion, cut into thin slices

Place a slice, or chunks, of feta cheese on the top and add some Black Olives (Kalamata are best)

Dress with vinegar and olive oil and enjoy with some fresh bread.  Kali Orexi!

The BBC Good Food Receipe for Greek Salad can be found here.