Walking in an active Volcano…

What and Where is Nissyros? When you look out of any south-facing window at The Tower House, you will see the active volcanic island of Nissyros on the horizon.  It lies south of Kos and north of Tilos and Rhodes.  The island is circular with a huge caldera in the middle – think of a Polo mint and you get … Read More

Greek Language – Lesson 1

When in Greece, it is fun to try to speak some Greek. It is quite a difficult language to learn, especially because of its non-roman alphabet, multi-syllabic words and grammatical rules. But don’t let that put you off. Have a go – the Greek people love it when tourists make an effort; they appreciate how difficult it is for us! … Read More

Wildlife on Kos

Kos is blessed with lots of wildlife – some more unusual than others! Peacocks… When we first arrived on Kos, we weren’t sure what to expect in terms of wildlife, but we hadn’t expected wild peacocks!  They live in Plaka, which we call “The Hidden Forest” because you can’t see it until you’re in it.  This is a beautiful and … Read More

Light, refreshing and inevitable – Xoriatiki!

Whenever I go to Greece, the first dish I usually order is Xoriatiki (Greek Salad).  You just can’t beat the freshness and flavour; the combination of red onion and feta is just sublime.  There are only 6 ingredients for a real Greek Salad, which should be as fresh as possible  – and it doesn’t include lettuce (even Cos lettuce!) In … Read More

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